The credit union offers Pay-Day Alternative loans to members using the following guidelines:

• The maximum amount of a loan is $500

• Max term is 30 days

• Fixed rate of 18% APR*

• Application fee is $25

• Must be employed for 6 months (must provide proof)

• Payments will be paid automatically from direct deposit or payroll deduction

• Must be a member in good standing for at least 90 days

• The maximum number of loans are limited to 2 within a 6 month period

• No credit check is required, but may be pulled at the discretion of the loan officer.

The maximum amount of money members can borrow is the amount of their take home pay listed on their pay stub up to $500.00. For example, if their take home pay is $300.oo, they borrow $300.00, if their take home pay is $600.00, they can borrow $500.00. The entire amount borrowed must be paid back in 30 days.


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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Example Payment: 4 weekly payments of $127.00 at a rate of 18% APR.