Debit and Credit Card Skimming

In the last decade cyber-frauds have arisen using increasingly sophisticated technologies…all aimed at separating you from your money.

One such fraud prevalent today is debit and credit cards skimming.  Skimming is an attempt to hijack your personal information and your identity by tampering with ATM machines.  Fraudsters set up a device that capture the debit card magnetic stripe and keypad information from the ATM, then sell this information to criminals who use it to create new cards with your account numbers.

Protect Yourself:

First, reduce your risks at ATMs by using machines from institutions you know and trust.  Additionally, if you notice a change at an ATM you use routinely, such as a color difference in the card reader or a gap where something appears to be glued onto the slot where you inserted your cards, that’s a red flag – find another ATM machine.

Review statements on a regular basis–more often online–and report transactions you didn’t make.


If you feel like you have been a victim of skimming, please contact us at (856) 696-0767.