Take Advantage of Your Home Equity

Get the money you need to consolidate bills, make home improvements, purchase a new vehicle or pay college tuition – or for any good reason. A credit union Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit can make it happen.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

Your rate and monthly payment is fixed for the term of your loan. It’s the right choice when you want to know exactly how much your payment will be every month.

  • 70% & 80% LTV (Loan To Value ratio)
  • Low Fixed Rate
  • 5, 10, 15 & 20 Year Terms
  • Interest Is Usually Tax Deductible*

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Borrow the money you want, as you need it. You pay interest only on your outstanding balance. As you pay back what you borrowed you can draw that amount again or more, up to your line of credit limit.

  • 70% & 80% LTV (Loan To Value ratio)
  • Revolving Variable Rate
  • Interest Is Usually Tax Deductible*

If applying, here is the Request for Verification of Employment form.

Help Preserve Your Standard of Living with  MEMBER’S CHOICE™ BORROWER SECURITY

Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security is a voluntary loan-payment protection product that helps preserve your family’s standard of living if a protected life event unexpectedly happens to you.

Protected events include:

  • Loss of life, including those caused by acts of war
  • Disability, including those caused by acts of war
  • Involuntary unemployment

Applying Is Fast & Easy

If you need help choosing the best home equity loan option for your budget, stop by your nearest Members 1st credit union.

Home Equity

APRInfo and/or Terms
As Low As 2.99%80% LTV, Score 640 +
Prime + 0.00%HELOC 80% LTV Max Loan Amount $150,000

*Check with your tax advisor. Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit tax-deductible interest eligibility depends on your specific tax situation. Most members qualify. Rate shown is discounted 0.25% APR for automatic payments through payroll deduction, direct deposit, or ACH payments.