Get A Better Vehicle Deal

When you need a new or used vehicle, great rates, flexible terms and personalcar desk service are great reasons to come to your credit union. But there are also other ways you can get a better deal.

Take a look.

CUDL® Car Smart Resources − Get the vehicle research and resources you need, including car buying tips, reviews, ratings, CarFax®, price quotes and more.

Pre-Approval Advantages − You’ll know what your monthly payment will be based on what you want to spend, not based on the dealer’s financing plan that often includes a higher vehicle cost. With your financing already in place, you can negotiate the best possible price. Speeds up the car buying process too.

Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security − Take advantage of this affordable loan payment protection. Protected events include loss of life, disability and involuntary unemployment. It is not an insurance product. Learn more online. Click here for My Financial Planner.

GAP Insurance Protection − When your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, your insurance company may only pay what your new or used vehicle is worth, not your total loan balance. This affordable insurance covers the difference between your new or used vehicle’s value and your loan balance. Ask for the details when you apply for a loan.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) − It’s hard to anticipate vehicle repairs and maintenance. Budgeting for this can be difficult and can tie up funds earmarked for other needs. MRC helps you pay for repairs on your Vehicle giving you more control to help you keep your car on the road where it should be.

If you need help to apply for any loan, call or stop by the credit union or apply online whenever it’s convenient for you.