Members 1st FCU offers Credit Rebuilding Loans for members who have had some blemished credit in the past and are having a difficult time obtaining credit. Members may borrow up to $500.00 with a term of up to a year. Timely monthly payments will help build a satisfactory credit history.

We can help you get started with a special loan rate and term. We also have a secured VISA® Credit Card option. Don’t miss this opportunity to repair your credit rating.

Call or visit one of our credit union locations for the details or apply online to get started.

Credit Check Plus
A good credit history and credit score can save you money, even thousands of dollars over a lifetime on a mortgage or loan. Your credit plays an important role in many financial situations and can determine if you will even be granted a loan. Let us review your credit history and credit score with you before applying for credit. Our loan representatives can help you understand your credit report and can advise you how to increase your credit score to save money on interest. To request a free review of your credit history, click here.