Home Improvements That Are Worth The Money

If you will be selling your home in the next two or three years, take note of the current paybacks for some of the most common improvements.

2014 Average Paybacks Mid-Atlantic Region*

Project Payback
Attic Bedroom 76.0%
Basement Remodel 60.0%
Bathroom Addition 54.8%
Bathroom Remodel 50.0%
Deck Addition (wood) 64.0%
Deck Addition (composite) 66.0%
Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass) 70.0%
Entry Door Replacement (steel) 93.0%
Family Room Addition 58.0%
Garage Addition 58.0%
Garage Door Replacement 84.0%
Home Office Remodel 42.0%
Master Suite Addition 57.0%
Minor Kitchen Remodel 68.0%
Roofing Replacement 58.0%
Siding Replacement (vinyl) 69.0%
Sunroom Addition 44.0%
Window Replacement (vinyl) 68.0%
Window Replacement (wood) 67.0%
Second Story Addition 60.0%

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*Your actual payback will depend on a number of factors, including the real estate market, property values, plus the extent of your improvements. For example, don’t expect a high payback if your increase the value of your home beyond the value of other homes in your neighborhood.