KOFE Club Savings

New year, new you! Challenge yourself to save money this year – and get rewarded. Some find it difficult to save but with our KOFE Club Savings Challenge, it’s easy.

KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) educates users in a financial way. For our members, KOFE is 100% free and easy to use.

How do you earn the cash from us? Here are the details:

Introducing the KOFE Club Savings Account challenge exclusively for our valued members. Open a KOFE Savings account today to enjoy a 10% boost on your savings every quarter, up to $25. Plus, complete just two Coffee Break finance activities per quarter to keep the benefits rolling in. Members must log into their KOFE accounts to complete the activities.


Click here to login into your KOFE account and start saving with KOFE!


For complete details, ask a Members 1st of NJ representative.