Dealership Extended Warranty vs. Credit Union Services

Are you thinking about buying a car? Like any big investment, you want to protect it long after the paperwork is signed and you drive it off the lot. Dealership extended warranties give customers peace of mind that the vehicle will not present a financial risk in the future. According to Consumer Reports, car buyers typically pay more for this coverage than they get back in benefits.

New cars come with some type of warranty. The most popular is the bumper-to-bumper factory warranty. New car warranties are valid for at least three years or 36,000 miles. Keep in mind, auto warranties don’t cover parts that wear out like tires, breaks, and wiper blades. Nor does it cover routine maintenance and oil changes. 

Extended warranties are pitched to consumers as extra security and reduce risk of expensive repairs in the future that may not be covered by factory warranty. These types of warranties are intended to offset the cost of expensive repairs after your standard manufacturer’s warranty expires. More often than not, consumers overpay for expensive extended warranties at the auto dealership. 

There are more cost-effective ways to get vehicle services and mechanical breakdown coverage than dishing out extra money to the dealership. Instead, protect yourself from unexpected high-cost repairs with coverage you can trust. As an alternative to an extended warranty, turn to Members 1st of NJ for affordable options for an IWS Vehicle Plan which includes:

  • Substantial savings over dealer warranties 
  • Round the clock emergency roadside assistance
  • Dependable rental car and towing
  • Increase vehicle resale value
  • Protection across the US

As a trusted partner, the IWS Group have been offering Vehicle Service Agreements and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for almost three decades to credit unions who strive for excellence in the quality and standards of service and member satisfaction. As they work hard to protect our members long-term financial stability, IWS provides affordable, high-quality vehicle protection plans that certainly deserve a look. 

Before you buy a new or pre-owned car, evaluate the alternatives to expensive dealership extended warranties and get the best solution for your situation. Start with a Members 1st of NJ Representative.