Safe Car Shopping from Home

During a time where Americans are still doing their best to avoid leaving their homes as much as possible, car buying might not feel like much of a priority. The process of stopping by a dealership, interacting with employees, and using all five senses to narrow down your dream car just isn’t very sanitary. But as is the case with many industries, the car-buying world has been pushed to adopt virtual practices that are pretty darn close to the real thing. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle without visiting a dealership, check out this guide for safe car shopping from home.

Do Your Research Remotely

Visiting a car dealership to get a concrete idea of a selection that fits your budget and style is a smart way to buy a vehicle, but social distancing means it’s time for brands to get creative. Many dealers have taken an aggressive approach to highlight their products online, overloading potential buyers with plenty of pictures, detailed descriptions, and virtual tours. Before inquiring about a test drive or even home delivery, make sure that your favorite choice checks all of the boxes. 

Ask about Contactless Test Drives

The idea of purchasing a new vehicle without enough investigation can feel a bit scary — and a test drive is a major factor in choosing the perfect car. Luckily, most brands are offering contactless test drives to potential buyers. 

For no cost at all, dealers will deliver the vehicle of your choice to your home so that you can take it for a spin. Of course, proper sanitation and safety steps will be taken before and after your ride. Still hesitant to test out some new wheels? Try inspecting a few vehicles online with the help of virtual car tours that can provide you with way more insight than pictures. 

Consider Virtual Sales Options 

Online car browsing is nothing new, but actually buying a car with a few clicks of a button has become more popular as people continue to stay at home as much as possible. The new normal for the car industry has inspired many dealerships to embrace technology, and experts suggest that online car buying is here to stay. 

Opt for Online Paperwork

For those who have spent hours twiddling their thumbs in a car dealership while waiting for paperwork to be processed, car buying might have been deemed a major hassle. But with new opportunities presented by car dealerships to browse and purchase a vehicle online, those housekeeping steps in between can be taken care of virtually, too. For brands that require customers to physically sign paperwork, there still shouldn’t be a need to visit a dealership. Inquire about having forms dropped off at your home along with your sweet new ride. Easy enough!

At Members 1st of NJ, we know that purchasing your dream car requires the appropriate funds to do so. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our members auto loans with low rates and flexible options. If you wish to buy a car right now, be sure to protect your physical and financial health.