Visa Account Updater

Visa Account Updater (VAU)

As of October 1, 2017, you will be automatically enrolled in Visa Account Updater.  Visa Account Updater facilitates seamless automatic update of payment information when you receive a new or reissued card.  This service will automatically update the card number and/or expiration date with any merchants on file set-up for recurring payments.

Cardholder Benefits

If you wish to opt-out of Visa Account Updater, you may complete the form below or contact the credit union.


VISA Account Updater

    I wish to opt out of VISA® Account Updater (VAU) for my Members 1st of NJ Debit and/or Credit Card. I understand it will be my responsibility to notify merchants, who maintain my card on file information for recurring payments with any updated information regarding my Members 1st of NJ Debit and/or Credit Card.
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